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Our Purpose

Advancing human and societal health and well-being


We’re one of the top 100 universities in the world. Building on our rich history, we’re an innovative education and research community committed to discovery and improving the world around us.

We believe that human and societal health and well-being depend on sharing creative, diverse thoughts and ideas.


Bringing together the best and brightest minds is the spark that makes a Brighter World possible. The Brighter World branding communicates our optimism in our commitment to advancing human and societal health and well-being. It’s fueled by McMaster’s unique approach to collaboration. It reflects the positive impact that McMaster researchers and students continue to have in the world.

Students and professor in lab coats performing experiments in McMaster lab
McMaster students educating being educated in the outdoors


We’re creating a Brighter World in many different ways. McMaster encourages experts to collaborate on work that shines new light on challenges to health and well-being.

McMaster facilitates cross-faculty dialogue that helps us build a healthier future for all.

McMaster fosters an inclusive and research-focused environment where diverse groups of thinkers can help inspire real-world change.


Making a difference is our difference. We approach problem solving differently: we encourage and support a wide range of perspectives. We find answers to complex problems across a wide range of disciplines and support innovative thinkers who are eager to share their ideas in a spirit of openness, inclusiveness and collaboration.

Innovative technology at McMaster - Ultimaker 3D Printer
Diverse group of McMaster students sitting in lounge chairs in a circle


We’re no ivory tower. Our dynamic network of students, researchers, faculty and alumni connects and collaborates with the community and the world at large.


New ideas and perspectives make for smarter thinking and better solutions. We believe that collaborative thinking is the way to answer the challenges presented by technological revolution, economic upheaval and environmental disruption.

Friends walking on campus in the backdrop of a historic stone building and towering trees